Stair-A-Thon Fundraising Event

A great big Thank You, to all the students who participated in the annual Stair-A-Thon fundraising event. Each year students are given 30 minutes to run up/ walk down as many flights of stairs as possible, within the given time limit. The goal of the event is for students to ask parents, family, and friends to sponsor them based on the amount of stairs they are likely to reach. Each Stair-A-Thon event crowns two winners; the individual who brings in the most pledges and the individual who completes the most flights of stairs. Students are still bringing in their pledge donations, with a winner for most pledges being determined after Spring Break. We would like to congratulate both Ian Valenti and Connor Norris for tying with the most flights of stairs accomplished in 30 minutes. A tie breaker is on the way.