Music at STAR Prep


The STAR Prep Academy Music Program is an innovative and contemporary approach to music education that focuses on giving our students a solid foundation in the fundamentals of music-making outside of the traditional formats of Symphonic Band, Orchestra, and Marching Band. Utilizing the standards established within California Common Core Guidelines, our Band Program creates a solid foundation within the areas of music notation, instrumental practice and technique, music appreciation, interpretation and performance, all within the context of contemporary Rock, Pop, Folk, R&B and Jazz ensembles.  Beginning at all ages and grade levels, our music students receive comprehensive training in staff reading and rhythm, as well as private and individual instruction on piano, electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, vocal performance, drums and percussion while simultaneously preparing a program for several live performances throughout the school year. These performances occur both within and outside the community of STAR Prep Academy and give our students the exciting and unique experience of learning, rehearsing, and performing within the environment of a real live band consisting of their classmates and peers.  In addition to the many live performance opportunities, our Band students end their year by participating in the production of a professional studio recording of the songs they’ve learned over the course of the year - giving them both the experience of creating a multitrack studio recording as well as a lifelong record of their accomplishments as music students at STAR Prep.

The STAR Prep Academy Music Program also offers elective courses in Recording/ Audio Production, Class Guitar, Class Piano, and Private instruction in the following instrumental areas: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Folk Guitar, Classical Guitar, Jazz Guitar, Classical Piano, Jazz Piano, Music Theory, Electric Bass, Beginning Drum Kit.


Ami Nunez, Lead Vocals

Lorenzo Bocardo, Background vocals and Percussion

Andrew Larson Acoustic Guitars

Alonso Ramirez, Keyboards


Isabelle Carrel, Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar

Gabrielle Carrel, Drums, Piano

Morgan Avila, Rhythm Guitar


River Bennet vocals

Origin Jablon vocals and keyboards

Josh Goldreyer piano

Lucas Accord Bass

Harrison Magid percussion

Jett Montgomery drums